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10.8V 6600mAh 18650 Panasonic intelligent lithium-ion battery for ventilator with SMBUS Communication

Model: YNT-186503S2P-MD

Battery type:Li-ion






Product details

Product model: YNT-18650-3S2P-MD

Cell model: ICR18650-3350mAh-3.6V

Battery specification: 18650-3S2P-6600mAh-10.8V

Nominal voltage: 10.8V

Nominal capacity: 6600mAh

Charging voltage: 12.6V

Charging current: ≤2900mA

Discharge current: ≤7900mA

Discharge cut-off voltage: 7.5V

Internal resistance of finished product: ≤250mΩ

Battery weight: about 310g

Product size: (154*62*23) ±0.3mm

Charging temperature: 10~45℃

Discharge temperature: -20~60℃

Storage temperature: -20~35℃

Battery shell: plastic shell

Lithium battery protection: overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, discharge overcurrent protection, discharge short circuit protection, etc.

Communication protocol: SMBUS

Application areas: ventilators, medical equipment

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